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The Personal Retirement Bond

What is the Personal Retirement Bond? A Personal Retirement Bond (PRB) is a single premium pension contract set up by a former member of an employer-sponsored occupational pension scheme for their benefit on leaving the scheme. The value of their fund on leaving the company pension scheme is invested in the PRB in their own […]

What is PRSA Pension Ireland

What is PRSA Pension Ireland? We often associate pension plans with retirement and people give utmost importance to that. This article provides information about PRSA Ireland, which is a personal retirement savings plan for qualifying employers and their employees. What is PRSA Pension? PRSAs are a type of personal retirement savings account that was introduced […]

How Much is the Irish State Pension?

When you’ve worked hard for most of your life, don’t you want to ensure that you have the money necessary to maintain your standard of living in retirement? The State pension in Ireland is €253 per week from January 2022 for a person aged 66 or older. Could you live on the State pension alone, […]